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Throughout my career, I have located many resources I find useful for both myself and my clients. I've listed several of the most useful reference books on guided imagery below:

Staying Well with Guided Imagery
by Belleruth Naparstek, Warner Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1994.

Guided Imagery for Self-Healing
by Martin L. Rossman, M.D., H. J. Kramer, Tiburon, California, 2000.

Creative Visualization
by Shakti Gawain, New World Library, Novato, California, 1995.
I also recommend these useful Web sites:

This is Belleruth Naparstek's Web site. It is loaded with information about guided imagery, including research articles and success stories. She also offers many guided imagery tapes and CDs for sale on a variety of topics.

This is the Web site of The Academy for Guided Imagery, where I received my training. They offer much information about the training program and about the clinical benefits of imagery. They also offer several books and tapes about guided imagery.

A health and wellness resource for the Columbus, Ohio area. It provides opportunities for practitioner networking and team approaches to wellness, as well as allowing people to find alternative local options for healthcare.

Simplicity Institute
An online business school for the holistic healthcare community. Join our e-mail newsletter for free weekly marketing tips for holistic practitioners.

Health Insurance Off the Grid
You can't continue to pay $800 a month for health insurance! This book shows you how to structure your health insurance to save thousands of dollars a year and be able to use alternative medicine for your everyday healthcare needs.
$24.95 for paperback

Divorce Education for Women
Divorce Education for Women offers web based seminars and publications for women in relationship transition. Our classes empower you with the confidence and knowledge you need to make wise, cost effective decisions before, during and after divorce.

This is the Web site for the Personal Growth Hypnotherapy School in Fairview Park, Ohio. They offer lots of information about hypnosis and its myriad applications. They also offer workshops on smoking cessation and weight loss using hypnosis.
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