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Quiz: Assertiveness

1. A long-winded telemarketer calls you in the middle of dinner. You are not interested in her product. You:

A. Politely listen to her sales pitch (all 15 minutes of it) and make up an excuse about why you can't purchase her product.
B. Cuss the sales person out, blow a whistle in the phone and slam down the receiver.
C. You interrupt the sales person as they begin their pitch and politely ask them to remove you from their call list. When they begin their pitch again, you repeat your request until they agree.

2. Your boss gives you a lousy review with no raise. You happen to disagree with her assessment and feel you have made many contributions to the company this year. You

A. Nod your head, say, "I understand", and slink out of her office. You spend the rest of the day moaning and groaning to coworkers about your boss's unfairness.
B. You yell at your boss, calling her incompetent and then you threaten to quit the company unless you are fairly compensated.
C. You tell your boss that while you respect her opinion, you cannot agree with her assessment and would like to set up another meeting to discuss this issue again. In the meantime, you prepare a detailed list of all the ways you have helped the company this year and you bring the list with you to the meeting.

3. Your husband says, "I'm going to the hockey game with the guys this Saturday, OK"? You had thought that the two of you were going out to dinner to celebrate your birthday. You

A. Meekly say, "OK", but sulk around the house for the rest of the weekend. When your husband asks what's wrong, you say "nothing".
B. You blow up at your husband, calling him a selfish pig, and yell "I don't know why I married you in the first place!"
C. You say, "Well, I want you to be able to have fun with the guys, but I thought we were going out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. I would feel very disappointed if we didn't do something to celebrate. Is there any way we can work this out?"

4. You are meeting your habitually late friend for lunch, and she is 25 minutes late for lunch again. This means you will either need to really rush your meal, or be late for work. You

A. Say nothing about the late arrival and eat quickly, knowing you will be late for your meeting. You feel resentful, but don't want to cause a scene.
B. You say, "You are always late and I won't have lunch with you again. You are very selfish and you need to get yourself more organized!"
C. You say, "I enjoy meeting you for lunch, but when you are late, it puts me under a great deal of time pressure. What can we do about this situation?"

5. A good client owes you a substantial amount of money. You want to collect it, but don't want to jeopardize your ongoing business relationship. You

A. Mention the balance due one time, and then never say another word. The client never pays the sum, but continues to do business with you.
B. Tell the client that you can't believe how they try to take advantage of your generosity by not paying and refuse to work with them until they pay the balance.
C. You politely bring up the amount due at the beginning of each meeting with the client. You ask when the client believes that they will be able to pay the balance.

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